Dating Gretsch and other Valco-made amps

National also produced resonator ukuleles and mandolins. The company was originally formed by John Dopyera, the luthier who invented the resonator, and musician George Beauchamp, a steel guitar player who had suggested to Dopyera the need for a guitar loud enough to play a melody over brass and other wind instruments. In this era, many guitarists sought instruments that could complete in volume with other instruments in the orchestra. Guitars were un-amplified string instruments in those days and were relegated to just adding to the rhythm section. It was not loud enough to be a lead instrument. Many frustrated guitar players that wished they could be compete with brass and reed instruments like the banjo did, but sound sweet like an acoustic guitar. Musician and vaudeville promoter George Beauchamp, sought a louder, improved guitar to play at his gigs. Several inventors had already tried to build louder stringed instruments by adding megaphone-like amplifying horns to them. Beauchamp saw one of these and went looking for someone to build him one.

Dating valco amps

The company name was a combination of the three partner’s first initials V. Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-bodied resonator guitars , electric lap steel guitars , and vacuum tube amplifiers under a variety of brand names including Supro , Airline , Oahu, and National. They also made amplifiers under contract for several other companies such as Gretsch , Harmony , and Kay.

I’m dating the amp to , based on the blue control panel and transformer date code. My friend, whom collects all sorts of Ampeg amps was the previous owner and he didn’t want to dump tons of money into amp after he found out the chassis was all rusted over and contained original parts.

It seems to me like the Valco guitars were competing with some of the more well-established guitar brands of the time. Also the binding on the fiberglass guitars can sometimes deteriorate. But the Valcos did and do sound VERY good, and some their designs and art deco touches were very creative and do stand the test of time. Touches on this Triple Tone like the raised double pick guards, the stair step tailpiece, and the butterfly key tuners all add into the pleasing aesthetic nature of these guitars.

Well, at least to my eye! Although their sound is just as good as anything the big boys out out! Where I think all Supro guitars shine is the awesome pickups designed by Mr. I talked about these pickups before in my Supro Lexington article, and if you have a few spare hours, feel free to digest the patent information regarding these cool pickups. These are some of the best single coils ever made, period! Speaking of humbuckers, the best ones always sound like really good, fat single coils.

Valco Schematics

I still remember it clearly, as it was way back in my early teen years. Occasionally a few of us would venture out to local flea markets, antique shops, and swap meets to search out all kinds of treasures. But there was this one particular old mall, full of second hand shops. But what I do recall was this long hallway leading to the store, covered with old 45 records and magazines.

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It’s all about the sound and to a lot of Guitarists that means a Hot Vintage Amp. Extremely hard to find in this condition. The condition is almost showroom as you can see. The marks are from metal bleeding through tweed just as are hearts were bleeding when we played the Dual 6V6 Tubes. She’s a Valco Chicago 51 Amp and we just can’t get enough. This is one of the rarest of the original Princeton Tweeds. This is the only Princeton amp that came with a factory choke transformer.

With the Model 5E2: The Princeton circuit gained a filter choke and a negative feedback loop and was only made for 2 years. The serial number is P super low number, It’s stamp code on the tube chart, speaker, and chassis.

Valco Amps

Trying to find a fair selling price for your vintage guitar? Just enjoy looking at cool, funky, unusual guitars? Well this is the blog for you. You must click thru to the original Craigslist postings. Do not post comments here asking to buy the item!

Feb 24,  · Possible Supro/Valco tube amp in New York-Western Mass. for $ I don’t recognize this particular amplifier but the two tone cabinet and Tube layout resemble a Valco made Harmony or Supro from the ‘s.

Once the essential foundations were laid by Rickenbacker, Gibson and a few others, the popularity of the guitar was about to explode. While acoustic guitars continued to develop after the s, they were just about as loud as they were going to get without some form of amplification. Electric archtop and early solid body electric guitars had started the ball rolling during the first half of the s and guitarists were buying into the increasing trend for electric guitars of one sort or another.

Therefore, the focus here is predominantly, but not exclusively, on the contribution from these two major manufacturers. Much credit though is due to the vast number of other guitar builders — way too many to mention them all by name — that have played their part in developing the musical landscape over the decades, and which we enjoy today. Thankfully, there is no monopoly in the guitar market — far from it in fact — and that fact, as it turns out, is a very good thing for musicians all over the world.

However, before the story moves on to Fender and then Gibson, we need to take a short diversion before getting back on track… Bigsby Guitars No history of the formation of the electric guitar would be complete without some mention of Paul Adelburt Bigsby Bigsby was a motorcycle racer, inventor, designer and builder based in California.

Not exactly a Gretsch Guitar, but definitely Antique

Valco Services My name is Terry Dobbs a. I offer custom amp builds, using my own circuits or other public domain circuits on a customer request basis. I use vintage correct parts whenever possible, and carry in stock:

Pictures of tube Amps and Tubes also the wireing of these amps where possible.

Lightly compressed, focused and incredibly rich sounding, the Thunderbolt pushes 35 watts through a pair of 6L6 power tubes and a Jensen C15N speaker. For everything from clean, wooly rhythm tones to saturated tube overdrive further up on the volume dial, the Thunderbolt delivers a pure sound with a simple yet ingenious circuit and only two knobs for Volume and Tone. This is the earlier iteration of the Thunderbolt with a tube rectified circuit that has that quintessential sag.

The circuit is thoroughly serviced and extremely clean, with both transformers dating the amp to The preamp has been fully recapped to ensure the amp responds as per factory spec and two new Alpha pots were also installed. The chassis is notably clean with chrome that shows only light surface patina and original black silkscreen graphics and knobs. There is some wear on one side of the cabinet and one notable spot on top where it appears the texture of the tolex melted.

International orders will be declared as merchandise, and the value of merchandise will be declared as the amount paid. We cannot declare anything as a gift or for a lesser value. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Lets see your Valco Amps!!!

Tweet on Twitter Some of the earliest electric guitars, amps-in-cases, pickups under the bridge, fiberglass guitars, built-in electronic vibratos. Sound curious enough for you? While National resonator guitars have received superb attention by Bob Brozman, little has been written about this mysterious corner of the Valco universe. Before we wade in, please note that National Dobro and subsequently Valco, more than most other manufacturers, were notorious for putting together guitars with parts left around.

Gretsch Discussion Pages Guitars Vintage Gretsch Guitars Dating a vintage filtertron or supertron pickup. by Paolo_Spadaro Amplifiers Gretsch Amps From Valco to Victoria. Answer: Stereo King by lx Gretsch “Super Bass ” circa by Twangmeisternyc Hey, Powdog by Twangmeisternyc.

The material below was formerly a website called Traynor Tweaks. After several years of maintaining it I decided to condence it into a PDF document that could be shared easily among those interested. My interestes have changed over the years and while I still respect the Traynor amps, I have new goals for tones and amp performance I recently sold this amp and the buyer said it was one of the best amps he ever played though. So, this document is what remains of the ol’ Traynor Tweaks page.

I hope you might find some parts useful. Contents c Sean Kilback Please don’t reproduce without permission, thanks. If you have questions or comments you can email me at:

Supro Guitars and Amplifiers Part I

The company is famous as the first manufacturer of resonator guitars, which were hugely popular in blues and a bit later bluegrass music. National merged with the Dobro company, another maker of resonator guitars, around to form the National Dobro Corporation. The company began producing electric instruments in the s that included electric guitars, lap steels, mandolins and amplifiers.

These pre-war electric instruments are fairly rare today, though the lap steels pop up with some regularity. The archtop bodies for the guitars were sourced from Regal and then from Kay, but the electronics were developed and manufactured by National-Dobro. National-Dobro was reorganized into the Valco company in

Harmony guitars database – Information for all Harmony fans.

Features one channel and two inputs; volume, bright, treble, treble expander, bass, bass expander, bright switch, deep switch, stand-by switch, pilot light for stand-by and operate. This amp was built to play larger halls and outdoor concerts. The lack of reverb was not a big issue as most live performances had acoustics full of reverberation halls, arenas. Peter Traynor built these things to stand up to road abuse, unlike a lot of vintage stuff. It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone.

Works great in large club settings. Front panel has two input jacks, controls for treble boost, volume, treble expander, treble, bass expander, bass, presence, and bass boost. There is also a standby switch and corresponding green and red pilot lights. There are no effects in this head, but stomp boxes work just fine.

1963-1966 Magnatone Custom Series Dating

By pennalizer Who has a Valco amplifier? These are cool old amps but have their challenges with servicing them. I had two different people bring me 3 Supro amps each on the same day to the guitars Shop. In all my years I have never had this many in one place at one time..!!

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Valco made many different amps over a period of many years, and the circuits continued to evolve as time went on, so there are a lot of cool amps to consider. If you also include the National Dobro Corp. This is because the circuit takes some of the dry signal off the volume control to drive the reverb circuit. The reverb sounds pretty acceptable if you just blend it in enough to hear it, but fine tuning the intensity control is the key and puts the already great sounding amp over the top.

It has active tone circuits in it! The active tone circuits in the National dedicate a triode from each half of the 6SL7 to amplify the treble and bass frequencies rather than employ a passive cut circuit commonly found in most all guitar amps. The control panel is a cool light-up etched Plexiglas and the chrome handle is very large. These are the only two Valco amps I have ever come across that have active tone circuits, a rare thing to find in any guitar amp.

Features a very nice transformer driven large pan reverb, rich deep tremolo, and watts of output — great for medium sized clubs. Volume, tone controls, two regular and one treble input. Starting with the series, the Supreme went from the 6V6 to output tubes and this version is a surprisingly loud little tone monster with the signature output tube crunch.

1965 Airline Valco 62-9026a w/ 6973 Tubes (Jimmy Page Tone!!!)